Nov 22, 2008

This is not a joke...well, ok, the second one is.

This is a true ad that I found the other day while surfing the net, I have removed the information identifying the product or website, but I just had to share this screen-shot with you guys.
Flab to Fab

Wow, what an amazing product where your "before" can be that an overweight black woman, and your after can be an overweight white woman... LOL Were they in such a rush they did not proof the pic to make sure they were not using two before pictures before using a lookalike to claim to be an "after" of the first person??

Normally, this is how they look, with the before image looking nothing like the after.
Flab to Fab_Cats
Oh wow, it really must work!

Quick PSA recap.... if you are going to try to sell us bull, at least pay attention to your ad before you pay someone to advertise it!

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