Nov 9, 2008

Oh the sales to be had!

Another fun day at the market, I got some killer deals at King Soopers (Kroger owned chain) today to include $39.70 in manufacturer coupons, $7.40 in coupons they doubled, $69.13 in Sooper Card Savings for a total of $116.23 saved.... this on $141.44 worth of groceries, a savings of 45%!! I got 103 items total from almost every single isle. I got quite a few freebies too, some Hefty Onezip freezer bags, a toothbrush, and 2 cans of Carnation evaporated milk for cooking. I also got 4 bottles of Tylenol for 50 cents each, a bottle of Dial handsoap for 40 cents, a tube of Colgate toothpaste for 50 cents, you get the point. Oh, and General Mills Cereals were $1.17 a box, we use this as snacks after school and stuff, for breakfast my kids don't eat sweet cereals. I wish I had discovered how much fun couponing is years ago! What a blast to budget $200 for groceries...have it total $257.67, swipe your card and watch it drop to $188.44. Then he started to swipe my coupons and I kept having to put $20's back into the envelope until he finally finished. All the while, Matthew was taking 1c rides on the mechanical horse ride. He took 3 rides on the horse in the time it took them to fill my 6 cloth bags (and some plastic bags for the meat & cleaners) with my groceries.

Today was our introduction class to Financial Peace University, it was a lot of fun. We start next Sunday evening and they watch our kiddos for free, wahoo! The classes are two hours long and run for 13 weeks. Best $99 we ever spent for a lifetime membership w/ unlimited classes (plus a work book, CDs, envelope system, & textbook). We will probably go back through with the kids when they are 16 or 17.

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