Nov 19, 2008

Matthew & his bed; Austin & a new word.

Last night, I was getting the house closed up for the night, and as I was walking Sophie to her bed, I noticed Matthew's light was on. Normally I just reach in and turn off the switch, he cries and goes to sleep. Last night though, I felt the need to go into his room and look at him, good thing too... he was crying before I could turn off the light because somehow he managed to get his head stuck under his toddler bed. Not sure why Bobby did not hear him from his office (the next room over), but I could not hear him from the downstairs, so he either just got stuck, or was not being loud.

Austin is pretty innocent, he is not the kind of kid to use words he does not know, and does not swear (in our presence at least, I am pretty sure he does around his friends since he is at that age), and one of the deals I made with him is if he ever hears a word he thinks might be bad, I will tell him the meaning and if it is appropriate to use... so today my kiddo comes to me and asks if a word he heard at school was OK, or a bad word. I ask him what the word is and he says "douche bag"... now let me tell you, being put on the spot like that, I kind of panicked. LOL So I said, that word is not something you use, and it is a bad word, thank you for asking first. When I told Bobby he said "well, did you tell him WHAT it meant?" and I said I had not, and he was welcome to... I told Austin to go ask his dad what it meant if he wanted to know... Austin walked into the office and Bobby said if you don't want to know the meaning, just leave now, otherwise I will tell you but its gross. He spun on his heels and almost RAN away...LOL I was about his age when I learned about said feminine hygiene product, and it was pretty gross to me, and I am a female... poor kid might be traumatized for life had he found the meaning.


Jenifer said...

Oh man!! I'm defintely not looking forward to those.

Sorry to hear about Matthew -- kids have a way of getting themselves into a situation.

Have a great day! :)

Elisa said...

I literally LOL'd when I got to the end of this!!! Ha ha ha! Poor kid.