Oct 21, 2008

What I learned today....

Orajel, applied to a wooden night stand by a toddler, and left undiscovered for 12 hours, will strip the finish all the way to the wood.

I am devastated.

***Updated with Pictures***



So Bobby and I had agreed he is out of the will, until I came up with the idea that the only thing he will get is all the stuff he has broke/ruined/marred.... at this rate, he will get more than the other three. *sigh*


Elisa said...

Ugh, how frustrating.

You have to go take a pic now so we can assess the damage. Who knew that about orajel?

SumnerRain said...

Pics are up, assess away.

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah orajel also takes paint off new washers. Thanks to Thane mine is missing a orange size spot of paint. Ughhhhhh boys!!!!!!

Jami said...

YIKES!! lucky we can't find our orajel. or maybe unlucky since I can't remember when I last saw it or who had it.

ah well we have nothing (and I mean NOTHING) left that is intact. except Jacob LOL.

Total Transformation Program said...

Instead of looking at it that way, why not look at it as, look at what your genius toddler discovered all on his own! And trust me, if you ever need finish stripped off and all you have is orajel, you'll be happy you know that little fact! I see it takes the paint off of washers. I happen to have a stove I need to repair a couple of spots. I wonder if it'd take that off too! Would save me buying more remover than I needed to.