Oct 20, 2008

We found the TOYS!

When Matthew outgrew his baby toys, I boxed them up and put them in the crawlspace. Recently I have sent the boys on a mission to find the toys, without any luck... but last night I had Austin look one more time and almost instantly they were found. YAY!

I just wish Sophie had been as happy as I was, I am pretty sure the key was to not overstimulate the baby.


Matthew was trying to comfort her, he nailed her in the side of the head with a teething toy and he felt pretty bad. Poor kid, he's seems to constantly be nailing her in the side of the head with something.


Kisses from her teddy bear did not help either.


Giving her more toys did not help either.

Once she calmed down with some mama cuddles and I blocked the flow of toys and limited her to just one, she seemed to like them a bit more.

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