Oct 14, 2008

And the verdict is....


Sophie's facial rash is eczema according to Dr. Strangelove, I call him that because of his bizarre bedside manner, yet charismatic personality all in one. He was very sweet to my children, kind and gentle with Sophie and playful with Matthew who was with me... all the while saying that it could be lupus passed on from me and my antibodies and that I would need a blood test... uh, wow, that was a strong statement casually put. He also second a third guessed me when he asked if I knew what Cetaphil was and I said I knew what it was.Are you sure?? He kept saying... uh, yeah buddy... this is not my first encounter with eczema. Oh, and then he volunteered that it will probably get much worse, engulfing most of her face and turning he cheeks scaly. Wow, thank you for making me feel even worse about what I stated was my worst case scenario diagnosis.

So he prescribed Sophie Cloderm cream twice daily on her spots, it seems to already be helping even after just a few days. It is a topical steroid, which I am not thrilled about, especially around the eyes, but when I talked to Dr. Strangelove about this, he told me "ehh, it's only for a few weeks, she will be fine" ugh. Thanks doc.


Allison said...

Wow, she is looking so much better!

I am now off dairy at least until I wean Gavin. (I'd done another trial of it during September.) Not only does it upset his stomach, but apparently, it also causes eczema rash on his face -- nothing as severe as Sophie's, though -- more like skin-colored zits. Off dairy again for a week, and his skin is clearing. Now, I'm realizing that MINE is clearing too, so perhaps I'm better off dairy-free. Lovely.

Anyway, if it's even possible for dairy to be the issue, it's worth trying. Good luck with it!

Amy said...

It does look better already. Nice of the doctor to be so, uh, blunt. @@

SumnerRain said...

I'll have to try that again. When I was in Washington I was pretty much dairy free for three weeks because my mom does not use it and that is when this all started... however I was not making a conscious effort to avoid it and did not look for hidden dairy like casein proteins.