Sep 12, 2008

UPS Vs. Microsoft

I forgot to update about my afternoon with UPS yesterday.

So I call UPS with the same song and dance that Bobby had used the night before. They tell me to go ahead and go to our customer service office that is open from 11 am to 6 pm. I get down there with the receipt from us mailing the Xbox to TX, my mortgage statement with mine & Bobby's name on it and our address, and the "we missed you" slip with tracking # and of course the two little ones in tow. I explain that the person who took down my hubby's info spoke broken English, and that he did not verify the spelling of our last name (it was not even misspelled honestly, a it was a whole new word!).

Well the UPS woman said she could not release it because the name was wrong, but that the story is just too crazy NOT to be true. That and he freaking got our name, phone number AND address wrong! Our street starts with J, he spelled it with a G... my street name is super easy, so think "Gar Lids" instead of "Jar Lids".....??

So she called her manager or maybe another co-worker over, they both looked at the receipt, the tracking #, the package, my ID, the mortgage statement, made some jokes, had some laughs and fawned over my kids. I told her we joke that my baby's daddy is the UPS man (since we don't have a milk man) and she said "I will have to tell James I met his daughter, her coloring is a little light though"... LOL

The error his Xbox was apparently a time consuming, impossible, or difficult fix, because the Xbox we got yesterday is brand spankin' new (or refurbished), this *almost* makes up for their clueless phone reps, thank goodness UPS is on the ball!

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