Sep 19, 2008

Sophia vs. the Government

Two months ago, when we picked up Sophie's birth certificate, I headed to the Social Security office to get her SS card ordered. They would not give me one because I did not have enough documentation to prover her identity, I had a little giggle because she just did not seem to understand by "home birth" I meant "not at the hospital" because she mentioned about a dozen times that "the hospital she was born at was supposed to file that" to "can you get certified copies of her newborn screening from the hospital?" We had only at that point had well baby checks from our midwife as our insurance was also having issues getting her added to our policy.

So time rolls on, the insurance FINALLY adds her to our plan after the papers were submitted a second time Sophie has her well baby exam so I ask her ped to write a letter so I can get her SS card. I get it home to find the doctor has added an i to the end of her last name! I find out yesterday, that the medical group she goes to has a Sophia [our last name] + i in the practice, hence the confusion on the letter. Can you believe it??

Wait, it gets better!

My midwife calls today to see if she had left her air pump & thermometers at my house when she attended my birth (she hadn't) and I asked her if any of her other clients had ever had this nightmare getting their babies numbers. She said "no, it should have come in the mail 4-8 weeks after I submitted the paperwork." I guess in that paperwork packet that Bobby and her filled out to get her birth certificate, ALSO goes to the SSA to get her SS card. I did not know this (I was a little busy the next day when they did the paperwork) and Bobby only remembered after I reminded him (he was a little sleep deprived also). So Jan (midwife) calls her contact in the records division and her checks on her SS card and apparently it was rejected on 6/17 for incorrect characters in the address. Our address is odd because we do not have a N, S, E, or W in the typical sense, it is in the street name itself. So my address is not like 123 N Main, my address is more like 123 Main Ave W, and the sign at the end of the block says something like "Main Ave W". I guess SSA did not like that, and rejected it without notifying Jan or us.

So I call the SSA again and fight with the automated service that wants nothing else but to get me to go to the website or use the automated library, but neither one can answer the question so I hold for about 15 minutes where the woman explains to me that they cannot re-do the paperwork because after 30 days if an application is rejected the info is dumped... BUT since no one *told* us they could not process it, we had no way to *fix* the error.

Since she does not have a photo ID as her second proof of ID, they gave me a list of "acceptable" documentation, most stuff being things she would not have like school records, drivers license, etc. They said I could use her original medical records (which my dr's office cannot release for legal reasons) a certified copy of her records (which she did not know what the difference between a copy & a certified copy was), but not a notarized copy. They would not accept records from my midwife, who is a state licensed, legal medical provider, but they would accept shot records if she had them, which is not even signed by a Dr, but rather initialed by a RN. Whatever.

Jan is sending me Sophie's PKU results which is from the state, and I am hoping her ped mails me a corrected letter soon, so maybe I can brave the trenches of the SSA again next week. I also have to update Austin's social security info anyways, so I am hoping I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. I hope we can get this done ASAP so we can get her added to his VA benefits. What a pain.

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