Sep 11, 2008

Not going to talk politics...

...but if you are a political figure... shouldn't you have a freaking clue about OPSEC???

Can this information hurt me?
Can this information hurt others?
Can this information destroy property?

If yes... SHUT UP!

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'nuff said.


Amy said...

Oh, lovely, someone blabbed. I've had OPSEC drilled into my head, DH would personally ream me out if I let someone know something they shouldn't.

SumnerRain said...

Oh yes, me too. I hated OPSEC when he was in Iraq. I never knew where he was, how he was doing, when he would be home, and if he was safe. However, now when I see people breech OPSEC, it REALLY makes me mad! It was a guy in his unit that told his wife their return date that kept his unit in Iraq two weeks.

Elisa said...

Thanks for the comment, Heather. My bed is very warm and cozy. I just wish I could lounge there longer than I do. LOL

I'll have to google OPSEC b/c I have no clue what you're talking about here. :P

SumnerRain said...

OPSEC is all about keeping our troop movements & military secrets just that... a secret. It's the reason why military wives are not allowed to say "Woohoo, my husband comes home from Iraq in 2 days at 12:23pm on flight 47 from Germany to Boston!! W00t!" If a terrorist is watching, they know if they blow up that plane, they will get soldiers too. I did not even know when my husband was going to be back from Iraq until 2 hours before he set foot on Colorado Soil... he was already in the US.