Sep 10, 2008

I've lost that loving feeling

In several ways:

Earlier this week I told you how I joined the Grocery Game... well, I found a couple similar sources of the same information.... except it is FREE!

Coupon Mom

Pinching Your Pennies

A Full Cup

Here are just a few to get you started.

Christopher.... that boy is driving me bonkers!! Started today when he came home and told me he had detention for three "refocuses", or reminders to do better. He got his refocuses because he failed to take his science journal to science class... something that would be easy enough to do had he just paid-a-freaking-attention to the teacher, his classmates, etc. Ended when he was told to get ready for bed without finishing his homework because he still was not done at 7:30 pm. He started at 3 pm and had no more homework than normal, he just played around instead of doing his work.

Outsourcing.... Our Xbox is being held for ransom by the shipping company because the person who made the work order did not understand our last name (not a difficult name... think Smith or Jones or Brown). The name he put on the work order does not rhyme with our name, or start with the same letters. He also got our phone number wrong by two digits. So when the delivery company tried to leave the XBox with Austin, he did not feel right leaving it because the names do not match. Bobby spent close to an hour on the phone with the company trying to straighten it out, without any resolution.

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