Aug 26, 2008

Diapers and Rash, but not diaper rash.

Wow, what a week so far and it is only Tuesday.

Everything is breaking in our house... Bobby's XBox 360, the drum kit to Rock Band, thankfully both are still under warranty. I also need to get off my tail and replace two other things under warranty as well, my kitchenaid pan and the broken toy bar I need to return for Sophie's swing.

Bobby is also starting school again this week, to get his Bachelors. Unofficially he will only need about 3/4th of the classes as his credits transfer very well, and his entire associate's transfers in full.

Last week I took Sophie to the ped to see the cause of her horrible rash (below)
Turns out my poor honey has sensitive skin and a very bad case of baby acne. It is clearing up a little bit, this is what is looks like today:

Hopefully it clears up soon, poor little girl.

I also got the CUTEST diapers last night, they are embroidered on the bum! They are called Green Acre Designs, or GADs and I adore how cute, and well made they are. We won't know how they fit until she gets a little bigger though. Aren't these darling???

Brown w/ pink snaps & fleece with a monkey.

Pink paisley butterfly with purple snaps & fleece.

Yellow celestial image with blue snaps and fleece.

So so cute!!

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Allison said...

eGADs (hee hee) those diapers are cute. It ALMOST makes me wish we were doing cloth this time around. Hard water is such a pain, though.

Hugs to the little snuggle girl, and I hope her skin continues to look better; that looks so itchy/painful/uncomfortable!