Aug 30, 2008

Cuteness & baby face


Here is Sophie next to the letters her talented aunty Autumn made for her. I love how they turned out, I totally was not expecting being able to get the letters for her name as I was seeing them for about $14-16 each on Etsy, and I cannot see myself spending $84-96, though I was tempted to.

Sophie had her well baby check on Thursday. At 12w1d she was 9lbs 11oz and 22 long. She is healthy and growing on track. Her rash on her face earned her a referral to a pediatric dermatologist up @ Children's Hospital in Denver.


Allison said...

When will you have news about her rash? I hope it's not too uncomfortable for her!

In the meantime, comfort her by telling her that she totally looks like she's wearing a superhero mask. Super Sophie to the rescue!

SumnerRain said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh, I need to set her the Superman (or Supergirl) dipe I had my eyes on, she would TOTALLY be Super Sophie then! Hiding her true identity behind a rash of acne, cradle cap, or whatever it turns out to be.