Jul 2, 2008

Rename that Tagline!!

Well, now that my family is complete with my 3 perfect boys and my new baby girl, my tagline of my blog "Coexisting in a house full of boys" no longer fully fitting, however I would love the input of my readers as to a catchy, funny, or accurate tagline for my blog.

I have not decided what to do yet about a prize, since most days I cannot even remember if I ate breakfast, but it will be valued at $0, and probably made in paint shop pro. Something like a button to advertise your coolness in tagline design. :D

So, use the comment section, or email me directly at sumnerrain at hotmail dot com with your ideas. Post as many ideas as you want and I will blog about my favorite top 5 and maybe even allow you to pick your favorite by voting.

1 comment:

Hester said...

I've been thinking about this ever since you posted and I suck. I got nuthin'. :/ I'm failing in the "witty" department!