Jun 6, 2008

The whole fam-damily


This is what people look like with a 3-day-old baby in the house. So yeah, in the 4 pics my mom took, someone looked crappy in each of them, so I used the one where I looked the most decent, because I gave birth 60 hours earlier and had not showered or gotten dressed yet (that day, I have showered many times since the birth). Later I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans and clean, so go me.

I would type more, but I am one handed right now. So I will just add I am working on my birth story, and all is well with us, this has been a super easy transition & recovery.


Talisman said...

Pre-Pregnancy jeans 60 hours after giving birth? I hate you. :P

Er, I mean, Congrats again on the baby girl!

Hester said...

I'm sending my hate your way too. That's just NOT fair. Actually, Yay You! I can't wait to hear your story. I've been thinking how comforting it would be to give birth at home. Not that I'm having any more. I won't say "I'm done" officially because that would bring the Fertility gods down on my hapless head and I'd be posting a positive pregnancy test next month :p

SumnerRain said...

This is what happens when you are too damn nauseated to gain weight in pregnancy because food is blucky.

SumnerRain said...

Oooh, I better stop saying "I am done" until after DH gets his surgery and we get the all clear that they "broke" him.

Giving birth at home was incredible, I can see why so many people will have one at the home and never desire to give birth in a hospital again. The birth story is now up by the way. :)