Jun 13, 2008


I was running a 102.5 temp last nigh, so I called my midwife for advice. She told me she does not mess around with things that could require antibiotics and advised I see my primary care doc.

Well, my primary care doc closes early on Fridays, and they told me I should see "my OB", well since I did not have one, I called the practice I used for half my pregnancy, and they also would not see me since "I left them for a home birth". So we decided to head to Urgent Care.... Well, they thought it could be something more serious than their scope of care, so they sent me to the ER. The ER took blood, urine, and did an ultrasound and could not tell me *why* I had a fever, but gave me antibiotics and told me the OB they consulted with wants to see me next week for my follow-up.

Who is the doctor who wanted to see me next week? The OB's office who handled half my pregnancy and refused to see me in the first place! Go figure, huh?

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