Jun 19, 2008

Post-Sick Checkup

Oh my goodness, what a freaking nightmare. I had my follow-up appointment that the ER requested I have and all is good, I am am sick and did not get an infection, YAY!

However this appointment did not come without drama. See, my old Dr's office was acting all crabby about seeing me because I left them to have a homebirth, they were so snotty about it that it made me uncomfortable and I did not know what kind of reception I was going to get when I showed up in person. The customer service I received from the front desk and a nurse was so bad I decided it was time for me to find a new office to handle all my annual needs. The most disappointing part of the whole thing is I really wanted to show off my little one to my old midwife, Sharon.

The new office was very nice, and the staff was wonderful. They pretty much kidnapped me when I brought in Sophia, since I do not use an infant car seat and needed someone to hold her for my exam. They just adored her and never once blinked twice that I had an out-of-hospital birth.

After my own appointment, Sophie-Bug had her two week checkup with Jan. Not only is my chunky-monkey up to 7lbs 8oz (a 12oz gain from birth) she also grew a little over half an inch. She is still such a tiny little peanut, but it is reassuring she is getting enough to eat and growing well. Next she had her PKU and that was heartbreaking because her blood clots so well, poor Jan felt awful having to keep sticking her to get the required amount of blood on the test.

After that I went to visit Bobby at work, and as I pulled into the parking lot I look in my rear view mirror and notice an MP has pulled in right behind me, crap! So I was speeding and have a lovely $75 ticket because of my mistake. I did not even realize the speed limit was 30 and not 40 like it used to be, but no excuse, I will suck it up and pay my ticket because it is not worth it to me for Bobby to miss work for me to go to court and have to leave my little Sophie home with daddy and take a bottle for the first time... no way, I am not ready.

The best part of today is that my friend Julia, who moved to Nevada, showed up today and totally surprised me. I knew she was coming into town, but I was thinking she was coming next week. YAY!!

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