Jun 11, 2008



Sophie is a week old, oh my goodness the time flies!

She's in fluff (cloth diapers) now, they are still a bit big, but they don't leak or anything. The diapers that fit PERFECT were a gift from an online baby shower swap, but I need to get to the diaper store to get some covers ASAP before she outgrows them.

The booties were a gift from my midwife, she brought her two pair, they are equally adorable!


Don't let the look of decorum fool you, she is so excited she could just poop.


Amy said...

You know, all this time since Maddie, I've never really had baby fever, but that picture... I think my ovaries hurt!

Allison said...

Goodness, she's cute -- and so much blond hair! I can't wait to see her in person. :)