Jun 8, 2008

Cord free!

Wow, at the end of her 3rd day, a few hours before her fourth day, Sophie's cord stump is gone! My midwife had me using Goldenseal powder on it a few times a day and it was amazing!

In celebration, Sophie and I took a bath this morning. This little girl, born into the water, LOVES her baths. I supported her head and just let her float and she was in peace, she did not even mind when I rinsed the shampoo off her hair.

Austin and Christopher are adjusting just fine to the new family member, however Matthew is having a harder time with losing his place as the baby. He is more defiant and crabby, so I am trying to make sure I am giving him more attention than usual. This has been a bit of a challenge because Sophie only sleeps while being held, but we are trying to change this, my little boy needs me.

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