Jun 3, 2008

Baby Maybe?

I hesitate to put this in writing as babies know how to read and then say - "Psych! I was just joking."

I have been contracting every 4-8 minutes lasting over a minute for the last 2 hours. I was contracting every 5-15 minutes this morning starting at 7am and these are a LOT harder to focus through. Birth team is on standby and I am going to have Bobby take a walk with me when he gets home from work.

I had to send my mom to the ortho with Christopher to get his arm fixed, by herself, in a strange town, in a minivan (she has never driven a minivan) and the staff there were so nice when I called to explain why I could not make it.

Anyways, send me all the "for petes sake, let this FINALLY be the real thing" easy labor vibes and let's hope I have a good update soon... mama wants this baby girl out NOW!

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Hester said...

YAY! You posted this right after I started sending you contraction vibes on your last post! Go me! I'm totally taking credit... :p