May 1, 2008

Ups and downs

What an odd day.

Yesterday it was 80 degrees, freaking ROASTING hot and beautiful. I noticed our trees all had little blossoms on them and the kids were having a blast playing outside.

Today, DH brings Matthew to our bed at 6am, he is feverish and sick. On his way to work he tells me "make sure you bundle up Mr. Sick when you go outside, it is snowing" It is WHAT!?!?! It is May and it is snowing? WTH!


Mr. Sick laid in bed with me cuddling until 2:30, poor little guy is leaking snot and has a low grade fever. Around 5 he comes running around the corner saying "I am a pirate!" And then runs screaming into the other room, and then comes running back again.... his fever has finally broke.


On the way home from getting Austin from school, I decided to drive to Starbucks and get a Mommy's Little Helper AKA a Venti Chai Tea Latte and I get up to the window with my $4 and the girl hands me my tea. The second lady says "Oh crap" and the first girl says "Oh wait, I think we need to trade" and the second lady says "no, we made an extra" so the first girl goes "want a free tea? We will just dump it so you can have it!" Hell yeah! I empty out my change container from my van into the tip jar and drive off.


Bobby is getting ready to go to the premiere of Iron Man with a friend.... what a dork! :P


Talisman said...

Glad to hear he's on the mend! I hate it when my kids are sick.

And wait, 4 bucks covers your vente chai? How did you get that lucky? It's like $4.70 here.

SumnerRain said...

$3.96 for a venti chai latte. $4.11 for a vente chai frappachinno. Not that I know that of the top of my head *blush*.

Elisa said...

Sorry about your sick kiddo but that was nice getting something free from Starbucks! :)