May 19, 2008

Sabey the baby


Oh thank goodness. I got a knock on my bedroom door at 6:30 am from my oldest son, so I asked him what he needed and he told me he had found Sabin! I guess he heard meowing and looked in the back ans saw him, so he grabbed him right as he was ready to run off again. Poor kitty was scared out of his wits.

We had Austin leave him in our bedroom with some food because Isis, the Great Dane, would NOT get her head out of his butt. He "talked" to us and rubbed all over us for the next 30 minutes before he finally was ready to roam the house again. Jacob, my 4 yr old orange cat, was NOT happy to see him back at all, but he will get over it.

I woke Matthew up this morning by laying Sabin down next to him and letting him wake up and see him, he was so cute he said "Sabin! You came home!! Now lets get out of my room..." Matthew hates the cats in his room because they bug him when he is trying to sleep and have scared him on several occasions when he woke up to find something moving in his room.

He is now resting all over the house, in all his favorite spots and enjoying the easy life once again.

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