May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Austin!

My baby boy is 12 years old today, I cannot believe I will have a teenager next year! This birthday was pretty low-key, we had a nice dinner of lasagna, spinach salad and french bread. The "party" will happen this weekend when we have cake and ice cream and Austin wanted to have a BBQ, so we will let him pick his own steak and decide what sides he wants.

Austin decided back at Christmas time he wanted to save his Christmas money to buy himself a nicer camera, well this week we talked and he decided he would probably use an iPod more than he would a camera, so tomorrow we are heading to Best Buy to let him pick his Nano. That just shows his dedication to saving... he has managed to save over $200! Way to go kiddo! :)


Here is a picture of Austin, age 12, holding his brand new iPod! :) Way to go kiddo!


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