May 23, 2008

39 weeks and YES I am still pregnant.

I know people mean well, but seriously, I am getting sick of people asking if I am still pregnant.

Rest assured, when Sophia arrives, I will let everyone know, I promise I will. Well, more thank likely you will get a phone call, text message or email from Bobby saying "she is here, mom and baby are resting, you will be updated later".

I tend to bake my babies longer than the magical 40 week due date, so I am not particularly excited that I am due in a week, because, really, that just means it could still be another 2-3 weeks after that date before I have my little girl.

Yes, I feel huge, thanks for the reminder, it was not clear enough last night as I was trying to shave my legs that my belly prevents me from seeing any part of my body below my breasts, not without olympic type maneuvers of trying to flex my body in ways it is not meant to flex.

An yes, apparently I *AM* very bitchy... :) I think I have the right to be! :D


Elisa said...

I so remember this feeling. Good luck and I hope it's not weeks before you meet your princess. :)

Allison said...

Hee, hee, hee...

Two words: castor oil. If she's ready, she'll come on out. If she's not, at least you'll have a much lower chance of pooping during labor, 'cause you'll be empty.

Just sayin'.

Sorry we didn't connect during the weekend. We ended up on one of those every-freaking-minute scheduled kind of trips, so no dice. I'm coming up in July with just the kids (no dh), and would love to pull off a playdate then if you're game.

SumnerRain said...

I cannot imagine. When I went home last summer for two weeks, we were SO busy I felt like I had to pencil in time to pee. No worries ;)

We may be out of town part of July, but we may stay home too with the way gas prices are, so we will have to plan something when the time gets closer. Maybe we can plan a large playdate with the CSPlay girls. :)

Hester said...

You're way more laid back about this than I was lol! I'd be thinking "She's coming out TOMORROW --- period!" You're in my thoughts and prayers for when the big moment arrives and I can't wait to see pictures! I'm nearly ready to sic my cousins living near you to go see you and the baby in proxy for me :p

suni said...

Aww :( People are so weird when you are pregnant. My baby sister is 20 weeks preggo with a baby girl, her first child. People are already poking her extra pudge. Sending you good baby birth prayers ;)