Apr 3, 2008

We interupt this blog post....

.... for a much needed rant.

I seriously do not see how I could have any more drama can come up this pregnancy.

I found out today that my midwife will no longer be delivering babies after April. I will be 36 weeks when she delivers her last baby. The OB in the office will be doing 100% of all the births from here on out. He is a great guy and all, but he is an OB and is trained to look for problems. When I interviewed him and the midwife both in the practice, I was a LOT more in sync with the views of the midwife.

I seriously think the universe is giving me a much needed kick in the right direction.

  • I first started questioning my care when the conflict of the gestational diabetes came up and she refused to work with me (considering my home testing numbers, retaking the test, or declining the test all together) and then when I learned I only failed by 2 points for a condition I do not agree really exists

  • The second issue was my lack of childcare, my friend moved to another state this month, a totally positive move for her, but at the same time I was losing my best friend, my support team, and the only person I trusted to be there to watch the kids when I needed her. The alternate we planned on using also let us know she would be out of town during my birthing time. I told my husband if I was having a home birth this would not be an option.

  • Then we had the issue with a mandatory c-section OR induction for a breech baby, thankfully she is still head down, but I would rather have a vaginal breech delivery than an induction of a vertex on

  • Today's visit and being told the care provider I trusted to give me my ideal birth will no longer be in attendance, how much more clear can we get than that?

Monday I am interviewing a home birth midwife who is in our price range, I just pray she is a perfect fit, because this feels right.


Karin said...

Heather I hope you will get on the midwife. I tried to have all my babies born at home and with sons nr 2 and 3 I was successful.
Especially the 3rd delivery was perfect! I started labor at 18:30, called the midwife to come and Ezra was born at 20:25, and he was just perfect.

Amy said...

Good luck. I have a few friends who've had homebirths, and they were all very happy with them.

Sheridan said...

It sounds like you are being led to a home birth. I hope the interview goes great!

Elisa said...

I think the idea of a home birth is nice and you don't have to worry about being in a dirty hospital. The one where I had my girls was so disgusting I wouldn't walk barefoot on those nasty floors for anything.

I hope everything works out just fine. I'm sure it will. And girl babies are such fun! :)

Vessela said...

I want to congreet you for a nice name of baby- Sophia Elanna and wish you Good luck! :)