Apr 26, 2008

The hubs


One of my friends, Tali, was complaining that she has not seen any pics of my husband, so I forced him to pose for me. He asked which cheek, but thankfully was not serious, however it did take a couple shots to get him to put his middle finger down. :)

She then complained that I did not "show off" my husband enough, because he is a good looking guy, this I know, but I guess I have been keeping him to myself too much. So now you can see why I make such beautiful babies, it is because they look just like their daddy. :) I am just the pod that incubates his little clones.


Talisman said...

He's about what? 45? 50? *snickers and runs away*

SumnerRain said...

Hehehe, you don't have to run too fast, he probably won't be able to catch you in his old age. LOL