Apr 18, 2008

Sorry in advance

But I probably won't be updating as much as I would like... I am under an immense amount of stress that I can't talk about on here and I doubt it will ease up until after Sophie is born. I will update on the topics I feel comfortable talking about, but until then expect some changes of past and future blog posts. Sorry guys, I am going to keep blogging, by my entires will remain private until I feel comfortable sharing.

*Update 4/20*

Ok, took some soul searching and I reevaluated some of the issues I was having a realized they were not as big of a deal as I thought. I think as my birthing time gets closer, I am starting to wig out a little bit... not because I am worried or scared, but just because I feel like I have so much to do in so little time; yet at the same time feels like I have to wait a lifetime to meet my sweet little baby girl.

So false alarm, chalk it up to hormones and overreacting.

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