Apr 28, 2008

Mystic at the post office

After picking up Austin from school, I took the boys to the post office so they can mail off their hair to Locks of Love and while we are there we got several cute comments from strangers.

Lady #1

Matthew was whining because he was tired and not knowing he wanted a nap. She commented "Isn't it funny how when we are little we cry because we don't want a nap, but then when we grow up be cry because all we want is a nap??"

Lady #2

We will call her "The Mystic" (TM)

TM: (Looking at Austin and Chris) Are they twins?
Chris: Nope, we are 16 months apart.
TM: You must hear that a lot, are you older?
Chris: Nope, he is older, and he's adopted.
Me: Christopher, you are oversharing! (Feeling mortified for poor Austin)
TM: Amazing how much alike they look!
Me: They are biologically half brothers, but legally full brothers, they look like their daddy. (Still reeling from Christopher's oversharing, poor Austin looks like he is stuck between bored to tears and annoyed at the conversation).
TM: And when is the little girl due?
Me: (Realizing I never mentioned I am having a girl) Next month
TM: That is wonderful! Little girls..... (I start tuning it out, I have heard it all before)
Me: Yup, we are excited, we were not trying for a specific gender because we knew we would love either one equally.
TM: What hospital are you delivering at?
Me: Oh, I am having her at home (waiting for the look of mortification I hear everyone gets in my family when they tell people I am having a home birth)
TM: Oh! That is wonderful! I had my son at home, we lived in Japan where my husband was stationed at it was the most wonderful experience!
Me: That is great, I read that 70% of women in Japan have their babies at home and they have better outcomes than here in the US.
TM: So you found a good midwife?
Me: Yes, she's very experienced.
TM: That is wonderful, I wish all women would have their babies at home.
Lady #1 (L1): I had three of mine at home, I agree, all women should have their babies at home. In fact my friend has 6 kids and she had all hers at home too, but the last three she delivered without an attendant!
TM: Hospitals are for the sick and high risk. I hope you have a wonderful delivery.
L1: I agree, blessed birth to you!

As I leave about 3 other ladies and a man in line are all smiling some tell me congratulations, some tell me I have a beautiful family, some tell me good luck.

It's amazing how one little old lady who just assumed I was having a little girl was able to start a conversation that transfixed an entire line for the post office.


Talisman said...

Wow crazy psychic lady! Maybe you just ooze "girl" or something. I'm glad you had a positive experience in this situation, it certainly had the potential to be not so pretty. This must be a sign that you were meant to do this homebirth.

SumnerRain said...

I was just talking to my mom about this today, how much more common homebirthing is here in Colorado. We decided that I live in hippie town. Seriously though, the one town over is one step above being a commune and we have a ton of co-op housing here. I know more people that babywear, cloth diaper, birth out of hospitals and breastfeed way beyond a year.