Apr 24, 2008

Good morning, have some sh*t!

I never really saw the appeal of keeping dogs outside, after all, my dogs have always been family.... however I never remember having problems with family having explosive diarrhea on my floor at 6am.

I would love to know, are my dogs eating something that is causing this or am I just lucky to have two dogs to have these problems? Not my two current dogs, because I don't remember going through this with Chloe except maybe once, but former dog Mika and now Isis. I do not have Isis on the same brand of food as Mika was on, nor do I have her one the same brand she was on the first time she had this same horrible bout with explosive poo. Makes me wonder if it is caused by a weed they are eating outside, or if this is normal dog stuff, but I never remember any of my childhood dogs having this issue.

Isis' bed was finally sacrificed to the great garbage gods, when she had her first heat I was able to wash most of that mess (it looked like she had killed a small family of rabbits, and by "small" I mean 47), and we planned on keeping the gross one until June, when we have her spayed, but it looks like she gets the new bed now.

I am totally feeling the outside love right now... but hopefully that will pass as quickly, just like I hope this "bug" she has does.


Elisa said...

Ick ick ick! As if you don't have enough going on already w/o having to clean up dog doo.

I read your previous posts and those "frog legs" are super cute. I made some for Cate when she was smaller.

Good idea preparing the boys ahead of time for the home birth. I hadn't thought about that issue. I don't think I would want to see anyone give birth. I didn't even watch my own children be born. LOL

JJ said...

It sounds like the dog is getting into something-maybea plant outside??? There is some over the counter stuff at walmart for about $6 that seems to clear it up within a day or two. Good luck!

SumnerRain said...

I was wondering the same, if one of the weeds is maybe causing the GI upset. It's funny though, the only dog I see "grazing" is the one who has never been sick. Thankfully she seems to be better today.

SumnerRain said...

It was a delightful event to wake up to, and there is no other smell that tops sick-dog.

I could not believe how easy the baby leg warmers were to make, once I figured out what the hell I was doing that is. LOL

Talisman said...

Reason #12312283912873182973 why I don't have dogs. :P

I'm glad she's feeling better! :)

SumnerRain said...

Oh come on now, don't you want a 110 lb chicken of a dog to come spray shit all over your floor and bed skirt??