Apr 6, 2008

Crafty Weekend

A couple weekends ago, Bobby set up his second desk he used for school as a craft table for me and I started sewing my own Baby Leg knockoffs I have been calling Frog Legs. I found a tutorial online, got some tube socks on eBay and went to town. With everything else I had going on, I put sewing aside and did not finish the Frog Legs until this afternoon and they turned out super cute. I sewed 18 pair total, but 6 are for friends as there were doubles of a few of the patterns. I also was able to pack up the machine to use my desk table to cut some fleece up for a no-sew tie blanket.


Fleece Tie Blanket


Close up of the pattern on her blanket


Frog legs! Can't wait to see these on the legs of my little girl with her cloth diaper butt!


Vessela said...

They are so sweet!!!

SumnerRain said...

Thanks a ton! :)