Apr 3, 2008

Adventures of Emo-baby

Emo- These are the kids who dress in all black, usually in tight jeans, torn rock t-shirts, and studded belts and collars. They often have dyed black hair, wear makeup, and have a general 'distaste' for life. They are often stereotyped as over emotional, depressed, angsty, sensitive, and not afraid to express their displeasure of life.

Matthew is three. I could write an entire page on my blog about why I don't think two's are so terrible, but threes... Oh please save us from the threes! I could sum up the threes with the opening lines of Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Since right before he turned three, Matthew was dubbed "Emo-baby" because he is just SO melodramatic. For example... he is dressed up like superman playing with his toys in the living room, he kicks the dog and Bobby raises his voice and tells him to be nice to the dog. Suddenly he starts cleaning up the toys and taking his superman pajamas off and saying "I am so sad" and "I am not Superman anymore". He then pouts for about 5 minutes longer than he should before moving onto another activity. He will do this at least 3-4 times a day, and on one hand it is hilarious to watch, and on the other hand it is SO freaking annoying!

Last night he got in trouble for saying "damnit", oops... I don't know WHERE he learned THAT from *looks around innocently*, however this was not the first time he was reprimanded... when Bobby told him no, he said it again, so Bobby got more stern and threatened bed time.... well Emo-baby was so distraught by all this he his in a tiny little corner saying "I don't feel good" and bawling hysterically. He then proceeds to grab his gameboy he was playing with and puts it away. He seriously sounded like a 13 year old girl who just had her cell-phone taken away.

Twenty minutes later, he is in bed, and we hear the most god-awful shrieking coming from his room, it sounds like someone is slowly pulling out all his body hair.... we go up and he is CONVINCED that one of our three indoor cats is outside, and he will not calm down until she is produced.

Just now, I tell him "go get your shoes and socks on", he replies "just minute", I say "now Matthew" and he says, with attitude galore "oooh-kayyy!!" and then stomps up the stairs and slams his door. Seriously, preschooler or teenager??

This kid could not be any more dramatic if he tried... I also don't think he could be any sweeter, sillier, funnier and lovable... he truly is a really cool kid. :)

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