Apr 21, 2008

34w3d appointment

I saw my midwife today, it was a good visit, still no weight gain, blood pressure is fine, Sophie is still head down and has a nice strong heartbeat (130 bpm). She gave me my birth tub, and my supply list (looks like I have 80% of what I need on hand). Now I get to have a project gathering it all up and keeping it in one central location. I have one more bi-weekly visit Tuesday after next and then I have my home visit at 37w (May 13th) and then I am cleared to have my baby any time after that. I will have weekly visits from 38 weeks until my birthing time.

I do need to work on increasing my protein intake and increase the number of snacks I eat. I also checked out two videos from her birth library, one a documentary I was wanting to see, another which she said would be a great video to show the boys to make sure they are comfortable with birth. Bobby and I told the boys last night about the homebirth, and the expectations of being here (that they will have to get their own meals, entertain themselves, help with Matthew, and that we will not be giving them permission for anything, so they need to make their own judgment calls, since normally they ask before going outside or turning on video games). We also let them know our stances on them being in the room for the birth, I told them I ONLY want them there if they feel 100% comfortable since you cannot "un-see" birth and I do not want them to have any regrets. Bobby told them he did not want them there at all, but was willing to let them chose. We also told them we would not wake them, but that they are more than welcome to come in and see us after she is born if they are more comfortable waiting.

Both of my old OB offices still have not faxed her my records, even though I faxed them releases 2 weeks ago! They are supposed to have a 48h turn-around and I am getting irritated. She is going to call both of them today to remind them, but if they don't fax them soon I am going to call and raise hell.


JJ said...

Oh yay! You are getting so close now! I can't wait to see the news that the princess has arrived! I think you guys did a great job with how you handled the birthing with the boys. If there's anything you need-let me know! I'll be checking back!!!!

SumnerRain said...

Some days I can't believe how close it is, other days it feels like an eternity still.

Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know if I need anything. :)