Mar 31, 2008

"What's your name?"

Ahhh, the catch phrase. This is the single most annoying thing you child says over and over and over and over and over. It's the phrase you repeat years after they have grown past it; Christopher's was "I can stand on one foot". He said that when he was 4, any time he felt it was too quiet, you know because silence to kids is an opportunity to annoy. Even though he is now 6, Bobby and I will sometimes lovingly look at each other and utter the annoying "I can stand on one foot" just to make the other one giggle.

Well, thanks to a segment on Noggin, a pre-school children's channel, Matthew has picked up the very pleasant question, "what is your name?" and will ask us at least 1,390,874 times a day. "Hey Mommy, what is your name?" "My name is Ima Going Crazy Matthew, what is yours?"

So this morning, in true Matthew fashion, within I would say 5 minutes of waking, this little conversation takes place:

Matthew: "Mommy, what is your name?"
Me: "Mommy"
Matthew: "No, your name BOOBS!"
Me: "What??"
Matthew: "Booooooobs"
Me: giggling now "did you say boots?"
Matthew: "Yes! Boots! And my name Dora" He then runs off to go play.

I have to say, normally he annunciates 'Boots' just fine, apparently his tongue had not woken up yet.

So, what's your name??

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Elisa said...

Do not ever let him watch Max & Ruby. That show is pure evil! It has Emma and Cate both saying "Outside" instead of "I want to go outside" and "hungry" instead of "I'm hungry". I hate it and it's forbidden in my house!