Mar 30, 2008

Pregnancy nesting, brought to you by Home Depot

Last night I was talking to a friend in IMs about my lack of energy to clean my house, and took some pictures of my horrible messy house to share with her, since she was saying she has not been cleaning due to a newborn, toddler, and preschooler... sheesh, what excuse is THAT! (Joking of course, she has more reason than I do).

So last night I got inspired to put a shelf in Matthew's closet, but the shelf I had was about 6 inches too tall, so I found the perfect one at Home Depot's website and decided tomorrow we would go get it... thinking I could get his closet looking better and then sit my ass on the couch and relax the rest of the day feeling accomplished enough with cleaning an ENTIRE closet.

Matthew Closet Before
So here is the before, you may not be able to tell but I *did* have a four compartment cart in there that I put his blankets in and on. Of course you probably CANNOT tell because he tore it down and all that is left is the frame and of course the blankets.

Matthew Closet After
Here is the after, I actually was able to put everything in the before shot on one shelf! I used the others to empty two drawers of Sophie's dresser, boxes from the other side of the closet, and a ton of stuff from my room!

Ok, so since we are on the subject of the corner o' baby stuff in my room I will show you the before and afters of it:

Master Corner before
This is all the crap I had in there before. Swing, bed, clothes, fabric, diaper bag, baby book, etc.

Master Corner After
And this is all that is left, but only because they are two boxes of cloth diapers (clean of course) that I need to wash before I can put them away, and then also my Hypnobabies home learning package box that I need to find another home for, and some bags of baby magazines I need to go through and my sarong I need to wash for birthing day.

Matthew Closet Left After
Here is the after of where those big boxes ended up, this side used to be crammed full with more clothes, blankets, and the crib (which now nicely fits in the closet behind the new shelf and a couple rails in this side).

Ok, so I could not start on the closet and leave his room looking like the disaster it was, so I started picking up and organizing his toys, here is what I did with his "cubby" shelf:

Matthew Cubby Before
The before of course, yikes!

Matthew Cubby After
And the after, much better!

Moving onto his shelf:

Matthew Shelf Before
Need I even tell you this is the before?

Matthew Shelf After
And the after.

Matthew Bed Before
His bed, before.

Matthew Bed After
And after.

Matthew Dresser Before
This is the changing table & Sophia's dresser, before.

Matthew Room After
And the changing table afterwards.

And some misc after pics, because a clean room is so much more fun to take pics of:

Matthew Dresser After
His dresser & his diaper stash.

Matthew Shoes After
And his shoes on the back of his door.

Another project I have been putting off is my freaking NASTY toilet seat. I took a belly pic with my toilet seat up and could not use them because the underside of my seat had been scrubbed so much the paint was coming off, so it was stained REALLY bad from anytime anyone was sick (think splatter, EWWWWWW!) Here is a tiny before, since it is so so bad.

Nasty Toilet
Gross, gross, gross, GROSS! Can you believe a new seat was only $10? Had I known this, I would have replaced it when we moved in! I seriously think the old owners cleaned the seats with turpentine, the other bathroom needs a new seat as well (of course I notice this AFTER we get home with the first seat).

Bathroom Toilet Before
Another before. And no, we did not paint, it was the only room in the house that was not white when we moved in.

Bathroom Toilet After
And here is the toilet after, amazing how much $10 can make over a bathroom!

Much like the new shelf in Matthew's room inspired me to clean the room, the toilet seat accomplished the same thing.

Bathroom Candles Before
This is the right side of my bathroom vanity before.

Bathroom Candles After
And after.

Bathroom Cabinet Before
Center part of my vanity before.

Bathroom Cupboard After

Bathroom Sink Before
Sink before.

Bathroom Sink After
The sink after, not TOO much of a change there.

I also vacuumed my entire upstairs, even my bathroom because the jackass designer of this house thinks bathrooms should be carpeted, gag. I also cleaned the upper shelves in my walk in closet where I keep the curtains for my family room I need to put back up, and also the shelf where I am keeping all my pre-pregnancy jeans. All in all, this 'makeover' cost a total of $70, $50 for the shelf, $10 for the toilet seat and the final $10 was for zip-ties and tax. The zip ties are for redneck baby-proofing, to make sure she crib and shelf is secured to the wall. I also had a ton of help from Austin and Christopher (and a little from Bobby, who claimed he wanted no part of my "wicked shenanigans") and between 4-6 hours of time. We got one box together of items to donate to Goodwill when I hit the drive through on Thursday after my prenatal appointment, and one large garbage bag of garbage. I also got about three arm fulls of toys to add to his cubby from his toy box in the family room, which was getting too full to clothes. So two rooms down, nine rooms to go!!


Lizzie said...

I'm so glad I could inspire someone :)

I guess we both got inspired to clean up our messy houses! I have 1.5rooms down and 3.5 rooms to go!

Elisa said...

Everything looks great! Are you sure you're not due until late May? LOL

One tip I've learned is to hide everything you can from your countertops. It makes everything feel so much cleaner. I store all my makeup under my sink and my toothbrush, toothpaste in my medicine cabinet thing.

I don't get why anyone would have thought that carpet was a good idea in a bathroom. I agree with you on that one. Ick! How do you keep it dry?

Oh, and my other tip is just to set a timer and work for 12 minutes and quit. Hop back online and take frequent breaks. ;)