Mar 4, 2008

Gestational Diabetes Update

Today was my 3D ultrasound and 28 week appointment with my midwife. It was interesting to say the least...

First I had my ultrasound, and I swear little miss is camera shy because in the 15 pictures I got, she resembles a kidney in all but two. She was in the worst position possible and kept her hand in front of her face. With all the room she has she was keeping her legs straight so we could not even get a good peek to make sure she is a girl. For being camera shy, she sure picked the wrong family to be born into! So after 18 frustrating minutes with little or nothing to show for it, I moved to the check in room where they weighed me and took my blood pressure... all was fine there.

My midwife came in and I was full of questions about what the shiny new GD diagnosis means for the next 10-14 weeks of my pregnancy. In a nutshell, other than weekly non stress tests, ultrasounds, and visits with my midwife (and of course monitoring my nutrition at home by checking my blood glucose levels 4-5 times a day) it does not change much. As long as my numbers stay low, I should still be able to have an IV free, continuous monitoring free, completely mobile labor and delivery. She does not see this as a problem for me at all, and I should not need to be induced unless little Sophie starts failing her stress tests.

The frustrating part of this whole thing... I only failed the 1 hour test by 2 freaking points, if I had passed the 1 hour, and kept the same status for the 2 and 3 hour test I would not be considered a gestational diabetic. Figures huh? However this just assures me it is not going to take me eating chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me to keep my numbers under control, and the risks to my baby are probably pretty minimal.

So Thursday I tour the hospital, Friday I have my GDM class, and then every Thursday until my little cupcake arrives I will be spending an hour or so with my midwife and the staff. Hopefully Matthew does not tire of coloring books, cars, and plastic animals any time soon!

*UPDATE* I have finally condensed and uploaded her 20 minute ultrasound video into a 4 minute video you can find HERE. I literally had to cut out 16 minutes of her being completely uncooperative and have left 4 minutes of her *least* uncooperative moments.

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