Mar 3, 2008

Bad news

This morning my midwife called me personally to let me know I failed my three hour gestational diabetes test and now have the official diagnoses of Gestational Diabetes. I am so bummed, I can't believe with everything else I have on my plate, that now I have another huge issue to worry about. Seriously guys, I cannot HANDLE any more stress!!!

Tomorrow I will see my midwife for my normal 28 week appointment, and afterwards I get to schedule all my BPP (biophysical profile) ultrasounds which will be 1 week apart until I deliver from what I am gathering, not sure if they will start now, or in 2-4 weeks from now. I will also have to see a dietician and start monitoring my blood glucose levels at home.

Now this is where I am stressed about the whole thing.... I have been trying my hardest to make this pregnancy as minimally medically managed as possible. I want a natural hospital delivery without an epidural or any other analgesic. This also means I want to avoid an IV, continuous fetal monitor, artificial rupture of membranes and most importantly, I want to avoid induction and pitocin.

The more "high risk" this pregnancy gets labeled, the more these wishes seem to be slipping away. Tomorrow I will talk to my midwife about these concerns and hopefully she will give me good news and tell me that as long as I "manage" my GD, I will be low risk and still get to stick with my birth plans, but only time will tell.

Damn I am so bummed.

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