Mar 26, 2008

30w5d Belly pic

So I decided to take another belly picture since it has been one week since my last one and I really feel like I have "popped" this week. Hopefully it is a result from a chance in position (specifically vertex, not breech), but we won't know that until tomorrow, and even if she is head down, it does not mean in the next 8 weeks she won't keep flipping back and forth, she has time.


Austin took this picture, so no bathroom lighting, no blurry pic, and no dirty mirror this time... sorry guys! ;)

A lot happened this week, I started my 5th and final 2 week block of my hypnobabies classes, until delivery I will do a maintenance schedule of listening to the tracks I listened to earlier in my courses. I am feeling confident and excited for my quick and easy birthing day :)

I also met with my doula for my prenatal visit, man I love her! We discussed all of my concerns about breech, GD, delivery, a birth plan, etc. I will meet with her again next month and then again when I need her for the delivery.... yay!!

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