Mar 21, 2008

30 week prenatal

29w5d and I had my weekly ultrasound (biophysical profile), midwife consult, and non-stress test yesterday.

Everything looked good, no pictures to share this time though. The baby is still breech, but my midwife said she is not concerned and won't be until 36 weeks. I did talk to her about my options though, just in case, and it looks like I have three, none great though.

A) Schedule a c-section.... yeah, no way, not going to happen

B) Try to turn her myself with exercises, chiropractic care, and other alternative methods I seek out myself, and then hope when I go into labor she is vertex (head down), if she is not, c-section.... not all that thrilled about this one either, but better than the first

C) At 38 weeks schedule an external version with the obstetrician with an epidural and automatic induction at the hospital. This has only a 50-60% success rate and if she does not flip I will need a c-section... and it also guarantees an early baby plus the induction and epidural I want to avoid, with a VERY high chance of needing a c-section.... again, I am less than thrilled with this option too, but probably the choice I would make in combination with choice B

So, in the meantime I have been doing my research on how to spin this baby and encourage her into the correct position. I have also been using my hypnobabies to visualize her turning and staying in an optimal position. I also did some pelvic tilts, flashlight therapy, hot/cold therapy, played her some soft music in my ipod while I elevated my hips and talked to her, telling her it was time to move "head down, facing my spine, chin tucked in". I guess only time will now tell. My next appointment is the 27th @ 10am.

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