Feb 7, 2008

Murphy's Law or Mercury Retrograde?

Oh my goodness, the tax stuff this year has me wanting to pull my hair out.

First, we waited FOREVER from a W-2 from his college, it just came yesterday, so I was thrilled to be able to finally file... however, because one of our forms we did is one of the four forms the IRA is not accepting until at least the 11th I went ahead and filed, having the online Tax place hold it for e-file until the forms will be accepted.

So today... what do I get but another form!! This time a 1099-Misc from freelance writing that I was not expecting. I made $75 more than what I would not have to claim, so now I have to amend my taxes. Worse yet, because they do not deduct taxes, I will end up OWING! It looks to be around $200 from first glance. CRAP. We already owe the state $600 (plus whatever this little surprise will cost us) in taxes and my real estate taxes are $800 and due too. Since our federal return is going 100% to paying off his car, that leaves around $1600 we owe, and soon, that we don't have the money to pay all at once!! Hopefully the economic relief (which I am SO against) will come and then we can put that towards the "economy"... a la taxes... woot!

This is just frustrating enough to be comical....especially since I have not done much freelancing, or so I thought!

I remember when tax time used to be FUN!!

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Amy said...

Ouch. Our house is our saving grace for taxes, since we can deduct all the interest (a lot!). Even with taxes not being held out on my pay (which I need to correct), we were still in the clear.