Feb 21, 2008

Rough couple of weeks

Wow, these last few weeks have been so draining I have not been able to update.

I got super sick on Thursday, had the flu and could not hold anything down most of the weekend. With Bobby's schedule I took advantage of Bobby not working on President's Day and went and got my 1hr fasting glucose done, and wouldn't you know it, with not eating for almost a week I failed it. Crap. So now I have been fighting with myself and my midwife about the 3 hour test which I do not want to take because I DO NOT have Gestational Diabetes. I have been testing my glucose #s at home, and they have always been good. However my midwife will not accept those numbers because it is not from a lab... but would *you* want to take an unreliable test that makes you deathly ill while trying to keep a bored 2 yr old still in a busy lab for 4 hours??? Yeah, sign me up for THAT!

On top of all this is the financial stuff we have been dealing with, like taxes, taxes and more taxes, plus trying to refinance our house before our rates adjust and now me desiring a midwife for a home birth, but not having the funds to even play the fantasy out in my mind because my insurance will not cover it. I babysit full time to bring in some income, but that lately has been leaving me physically and emotionally exhausted, just because of the dynamics of my children plus their friends and the chaos of 5 kids under 11.

On top of this I am trying to sort out my emotions on a personal family issue that did not go as expected, but I am sure went as well as planned by the universe so I am just trying to accept things how they have turned out and let go of any issues I had surrounding it.

Bobby is still not over the flu, the rest of us have had it to varied degrees, but now round two is hitting as now colds are being passed back around (they went around before the flu episode too). I am just thinking of how nice it would be for ONE day this month for everyone to all be healthy for once.

The pregnancy is going well though, no leg or back pains. I had some arm issues from a pinched nerve in my neck that the chiropractor I saw fixed right up, but I still have not regained an appetite or had morning sickness relief. I am under 100 days for my guess date, will be starting HypnoBabies lesson 3 tomorrow, as well as entering the last week of my second trimester, 26 weeks. I am finding myself a lot more emotionally fragile with this pregnancy, and life issues and books and television often sends me into uncontrollable crying fits. I am so looking forward to my birthing time, I just can't wait to meet this little princess and introduce her to all the princes, they will adore their new little sibling!

Feb 7, 2008

Murphy's Law or Mercury Retrograde?

Oh my goodness, the tax stuff this year has me wanting to pull my hair out.

First, we waited FOREVER from a W-2 from his college, it just came yesterday, so I was thrilled to be able to finally file... however, because one of our forms we did is one of the four forms the IRA is not accepting until at least the 11th I went ahead and filed, having the online Tax place hold it for e-file until the forms will be accepted.

So today... what do I get but another form!! This time a 1099-Misc from freelance writing that I was not expecting. I made $75 more than what I would not have to claim, so now I have to amend my taxes. Worse yet, because they do not deduct taxes, I will end up OWING! It looks to be around $200 from first glance. CRAP. We already owe the state $600 (plus whatever this little surprise will cost us) in taxes and my real estate taxes are $800 and due too. Since our federal return is going 100% to paying off his car, that leaves around $1600 we owe, and soon, that we don't have the money to pay all at once!! Hopefully the economic relief (which I am SO against) will come and then we can put that towards the "economy"... a la taxes... woot!

This is just frustrating enough to be comical....especially since I have not done much freelancing, or so I thought!

I remember when tax time used to be FUN!!

Feb 5, 2008

24 week appointment

Ok, so not quite 24 weeks, but close enough. I am 23w4d, my blood pressure is great, I still have not gained any weight, my fundal height is normal, Sophie's heart rate is in the 140's, she is active and strong and so far I am free of any of the normal aches and pains. My midwife was so excited to tell me about a woman she just delivered who used self-hypnosis in childbirth and she said it was the most amazing delivery. I was so thrilled for such a positive birth story, but I expect no less from my midwife who is such a nice fresh breath of air. She is so upbeat and positive, I am looking forward to my birthing day so much because I feel like I will be surrounded by amazing people between my husband, my doula, and my midwife.

My next appointment is March 4th, I will be almost 28 weeks. At this appointment we will also get to have our 3D ultrasound, I can't wait to see my little girl in 3D, I LOVED the 3D pictures I had of Matthew. After that I will be starting to go every 2 weeks and then weekly. I love when the appointments get closer, just because it means my baby is getting closer too!

Bobby left for the CO/NM area today, he's gone until Friday. I am so tired from lack of sleep and then having to get up early, that I am not looking forward to having to do the parenting thing alone this week. I have my three, plus the two I babysit from 4:45p-12:15a, when I want nothing more than to just crawl into my warm bed now until tomorrow and not have to worry about anyone else.