Jan 15, 2008

My baby came early

No, not Sophie, she will come when she wants to come and be right on time.

My baby as in my new car!! I have been bitching about my '00 Ford Windstar for a LOOOOOOOONG time because it probably needed 2x its value in repairs that I was just not willing to pay for. It came down to a few choices... either suck it up and go into debt to fix my van and hope nothing else goes wrong for another 2 years. Suffer without heat, and all the other problems. Or my third and final choice was to trade it in and hope we get a good deal on another car. Well, that deal came along today when I learned that my bank, USAA, would take $3,000 off the purchase price of the van I wanted. They also valued my POS van at $2500 for trade in, which is about $2000-15000 more than what we expected.

Ideally, I would still have liked to wait until both cars were paid off and we had several thousand to put down, however I just cannot imagine putting my new little girl into a car that I cannot trust NOT to break down on me, and lacking heating/cooling.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new baby!! If you had to marry something that you loved this much, I would be a polygamist. I got a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L with the optional rear entertainment package. It has so many features I could write pages and pages about all the little things I love.

Here is the stock photo, since I just got it and have not taken pictures yet, and a link to all the features.



Katie Bonner said...

I have an '01 Odyssey with 91K on it that I *love* and still purrs like a kitten. I'm planning on having it many more years yet. You'll love yours - and Congratulations! :-)

Allison said...

Ohhhh, *lust*!

We were looking at those, and the EX-L/RES is exactly what we were considering! Instead, we found a used 2004 Sienna w/25k miles for about half what the new Honda would have cost us. I love our new Sienna, and it's nice to only have 15k financed, but still...oh, you got a nice van!

We found a house up in Los Alamos, NM, btw -- my head is about to pop off and spin around getting things ready for the move.