Jan 20, 2008

Beautiful video hits close to home

A few weeks ago I was bawling over this amazing video of a woman giving birth at home, and when the contractions start to get intense, deals with that intenseness by singing a beautiful song and later gives birth, without medication, to a 10 lb boy.

[Disclaimer: There is nothing graphic in this video, but the song is a Psalm 23]

Well, in my Hypnobabies community there was a buzz that this woman also used Hypnobabies to aid her in dealing with the intenseness. Just beautiful.

PS. Her little boy was 10 lbs, had a 15 1/2 inch head and a 16 inch chest! Just breathtaking! *Updated* Here is a link to her birthstory in her own words!! :)


DR John said...

What a marvelous video. Thank you for sharing. I made you my link for the day.

Sheridan said...

She did use Hypnobabies, you can read her story here. http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/enjoy_temple.htm

SumnerRain said...

Thank you Sheridan, I have added the link to the post!! I LOVE your website by the way.