Jan 24, 2008

What a day!

My freaking hormones are driving me mad insane. I keep crying at everything, some logical, some very irrational things. One of my darling children left the dogs in the house this morning before they went to school. I won't name names, because it is pointless, but I know I have mentioned on more than one occasion that my Great Dane will tear my house to shreds given the chance that she is "alone". Normally I am up before the last child leaves the house, but this morning my youngest decided to snooze in an hour later than normal instead of being my 7:15-7:30 alarm clock. By the time I cam downstairs at 8:15 my house was in shambles. Lost were several DVD cases, a bunch of papers, a CD case, my hair brush, more pieces of my area rug, new chew holes placed in my shoes and 2 of my 6 Hypnobabies CDs. Ok, so THOSE were some earned tears, I could buy three new Great Danes in what I have spent on replacing stuff she has ruined. Of course I wouldn't, but it is just that frustrating to think about.

Of course normal TV shows caused me to cry, then a story about a lactavist who set up a safe place to breastfeed at a gathering after being told she could not shade her and her infant years before.

Other than the hormonal outbursts, the day was pretty mundane, a friend came over to visit, I mailed off a check to the doula I want to hire, played around with the tax program, and pouted about my shoes & CDs. I just don't have the money to replace any of them right now, and I needed them like yesterday. Tomorrow is another day, right?

Jan 20, 2008

Beautiful video hits close to home

A few weeks ago I was bawling over this amazing video of a woman giving birth at home, and when the contractions start to get intense, deals with that intenseness by singing a beautiful song and later gives birth, without medication, to a 10 lb boy.

[Disclaimer: There is nothing graphic in this video, but the song is a Psalm 23]

Well, in my Hypnobabies community there was a buzz that this woman also used Hypnobabies to aid her in dealing with the intenseness. Just beautiful.

PS. Her little boy was 10 lbs, had a 15 1/2 inch head and a 16 inch chest! Just breathtaking! *Updated* Here is a link to her birthstory in her own words!! :)

Jan 15, 2008

My baby came early

No, not Sophie, she will come when she wants to come and be right on time.

My baby as in my new car!! I have been bitching about my '00 Ford Windstar for a LOOOOOOOONG time because it probably needed 2x its value in repairs that I was just not willing to pay for. It came down to a few choices... either suck it up and go into debt to fix my van and hope nothing else goes wrong for another 2 years. Suffer without heat, and all the other problems. Or my third and final choice was to trade it in and hope we get a good deal on another car. Well, that deal came along today when I learned that my bank, USAA, would take $3,000 off the purchase price of the van I wanted. They also valued my POS van at $2500 for trade in, which is about $2000-15000 more than what we expected.

Ideally, I would still have liked to wait until both cars were paid off and we had several thousand to put down, however I just cannot imagine putting my new little girl into a car that I cannot trust NOT to break down on me, and lacking heating/cooling.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new baby!! If you had to marry something that you loved this much, I would be a polygamist. I got a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L with the optional rear entertainment package. It has so many features I could write pages and pages about all the little things I love.

Here is the stock photo, since I just got it and have not taken pictures yet, and a link to all the features.


Jan 11, 2008


Austin and Christopher got grades this week, not only were we impressed with the actual grades, but more impressive was the improvement between 1st semester and 2nd semester.

Austin made the Dean's List!! YAY AUSTIN!!!

He had 6 A's and 3 B's, up from 3 A's, 2 B's and 2 C's.

Not sure if Christopher made honor roll yet, but he had 7 A's, 1 B and 1 C, up from 5 A's, 2 B's, 2 C's and a D.

Looks like we get to take BOTH kids out for a celebration this time, I am so proud of them! I am not sure I can pass the pride they are feeling for themselves though, good job boys!!

Jan 9, 2008

Pics from yesterday

DH installed the new all-in-one printer, scanner, fax, to his new computer tonight for me, so I can finally share the pics from yesterday's ultrasound.

The color looks a bit off to me, a little more brown, but hey, whatever!!


Here is her profile, I have another profile pic, that is more close up, but it's harder to see what you are looking at.


And this is the "money shot", I finally believe I will be holding a baby girl in June, after one "I am almost positive" comment from the tech three weeks ago and yesterday's "wow, she is ALL girl, no denying THIS one" I think I am finally convinced I won't have a pretty boy in pink dresses (because they are too old to return).

Amazing how much you can love someone you have not even "met" but I am already head over heels for this little princess, just like I was when I got to see her brothers for the first time by ultrasound.

Jan 8, 2008

She's still a girl!

And she's sassy!!

I had a beautiful anatomy scan today, Sophia decided after being so close legged last time, that she would allow us a good shot of her bits this time. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be holding my baby girl in June.

When it came time to look at her heart, we could see the valves just fine, but she kept hiding under my belly button when the tech was trying to look at the blood flow in and out of the heart valves. We will try to get a better look when we do the 3D ultrasound; the tech, midwife, and I are not worried.

Jan 7, 2008

Mondays. Need I say more?

Today was supposed be Austin & Christopher's first day back to school after a LONG, LOOOOOOOOOOONG winter break, but the school had other plans and I guess we missed the start date and assumed it was today.

Nope, it's tomorrow. I leaned this after Austin called me to ask if I wanted him to walk home or if I would pick him up from school. W.T.F??? Why would I be picking you up from school 15 minutes before classes start?? He then explains there is no school today, so I get dressed and drive to get him in my freezing ass van. The heat was on full blast the entire time, but of course never kicked on. Twenty-damn-degree weather is NOT the time to have no heat, and totally not a great way to start the day. Bobby also showed me the hideous clicking noise it makes instead of cooling. Lovely. A full year without heating, cooling, and four kids ages 12-newborn... how ever did I get so lucky?? Oprah needs to give me a new van, otherwise my only hope of having a vehicle that keeps the passengers happy, does not turn my driveway into an oil slick, and does not smell like death warmed over every time it is started is some rich long lost relative kicking it and leaving me their fortune. Otherwise I just don't see us having the $37k I would need for a van anytime this decade. At least in a year when my POS-car is paid off I can justify a car payment.

I am exhausted. I got two hours of sleep total last night in 30 minute increments. The dogs are at my feet with horrible gas, and I am hungry and feeling quite nauseous. The worlds-crankiest-toddler has decided today would be a great day for fits and tantrums... because he did not want a clean diaper, did not want to eat, and lord forbid I watch the news this morning instead of Sesame Street or the Wiggles. This is of course after he dominated the television for an hour.

I just want to crawl back in bed and emerge to happy kids and a working vehicle.