Dec 1, 2007

Out of the Mouth of babes:

Yesterday, Matthew got a freaked out look on his face while standing on the top of the steps. He looks at me and says "biper mommy!" I say "diaper?" and he says "nooooo, biper", so I say "Swiper the fox??" and he says YES! So I listen and I hear the cat downstairs scratching in the cat box and start laughing, because on Dora the Explorer, when Swiper the Fox comes to steal from Dora, the music is kind of a scratchy sound.

Wednesday, I am at the Midwife's office with Matthew and they are doing a quick pelvic exam. Matthew keeps trying to see what is going on under the sheet while the nurse and the midwife try to get him up by my head. Matthew asks "doctor hurt mommy's vulva?" and we all start cracking up, little smarty. At the same appointment we are listening to the baby's heartbead, and Matthew start's getting disinterested and comments "Mommy laying on toilet paper?" Again I crack up because the exam table paper does sort of look like a roll of toilet paper. He then decided his own baby was hungry and lifted his shirt to nurse her.

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Lizzie said...

that's what Caleb says for diaper. he's such a smart ass!