Dec 11, 2007

Car Rant

I hate my van, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I should have taken it back the moment we got it home and it started leaving oil spots on my driveway, or sold it when the dealership could not fix the leak the first, second, third, fourth, or even FIFTH time I had it in for a visit. The perpetual overheating smell it lovely, even when you drive it two blocks to the store. I have cussed at it all winter long when I go start it at 7:00 to find it still blowing cold air at 7:15 and get home from taking Austin to school at 7:35 JUST for it to start warming up. Today takes the cake though, I get two blocks away to a stop light and it sounds like I have a pain can full of marbles in the paint mixer coming from the dash of my car. It was the most hideous sound ever to where the baby was saying "too loud mommy, too loud!" and Bobby could hear it through the cell phone when I called to bitch. I wish it was paid off, I really do, because I want nothing more just to get rid of it and get something that is not falling apart at my fingertips!


JJ said...

Is it a Chevy Venture???? Ugh-I'm so ready to drive that heap over a cliff! It's nowhere near being paid off (thanks to refinancing in $11K from our old car when we bought it.) and every stupid month SOMETHING is going wrong. In the last 2 years I have replaced the windshield twice (apparently the angle of the glass makes it more susceptable to rocks flying up off the road), brakes twice (of course a couple weeks AFTER they went out of warranty), the glove compartment is TAPED together because the stupid latch broke and it's $50 plus labor to fix!!!!, replaced tires twice, and now the stupid battery keeps draining itself and won't start, and the bright headlights are completely out (but we have no idea if it's a short or what.) How frustrating!!! I was really hoping to trade it in next month before having to pay the taxes and plates again since that's another $250 I really don't have to spend. But since the ex still hasn't paid the back debts, I don't see it happening. Blah! Hope yours does better!!!

SumnerRain said...

It's a 2000 Ford Windstar and I only drive it between 5,000-8,000 miles a year so there is no way I am "running it into the ground" so to say.

I will keep the Chevy Venture in mind of vans to avoid when we start shopping for a new car in 18 months.

Elizabeth S said...

I love my dodge grand caravan .... best purchase ever...... can't wait to get the new 08 model with the sirius sat. tv and the second row swivel seats and the table...I'm stoked...we'll be waiting a few years though before we do that..just long enough to buy one slightly loved b/c of the fact that we can save bookoo bucks by not buying brand new off the lot again (like we did with the current pimpmomvan)