Dec 26, 2007

Bless his heart

A comedian once taught me that you can get away with saying anything about anyone, as long as you follow it with "bless their heart" and it is no longer insulting.

So, my husband is a big old dork bless his heart...

I have three cats, these cats are not very patient with our dirty clothes if they have dirty litter boxes. If you leave a dirty shirt on the laundry room floor (this ONLY happens in the basement) they have been known to use the said article of clothing as their own litter box. This is why I have covered hampers.

Well the other day, DH is laying on the bed complaining that one of the cats has peed in our room. Knowing this would be a HUGE issue if they did, I set my already sensitive nose to high and start sniffing around the room. I cannot smell said offensive smell anywhere so I go smell DH's blanket, which is clean, and on a whim decide to smell DH's shirt, which did smell like cat urine. Between fits of laughter DH figured out I was telling him it was his shirt and removed it at lightening speed. He then replies, I kid you not, "no wonder I have been smelling it all day!" I took all my couth to keep from dropping to the floor and rolling around in a fit of hysteria. I can't explain HOW my darling husband was exposed to a toxic shirt, but I theorize it probably was in a basket of folded or to-be folded laundry assigned to my two oldest children and rather than taking care of it promptly they left it in the laundry room and my kitties though "hey, a new litter box! This one smells better than my own" and then the offending article was folded and placed in his drawer to later be worn and offend the wearer's senses.

So my husband is a dork, bless his heart and I am sure you will all agree.

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1 comment:

elisa said...

I totally concur about the bless your heart thing. It's a proven fact.

Don't know how he couldn't have known his shirt smelled like cat pee. Too funny!