Dec 26, 2007

Bless his heart

A comedian once taught me that you can get away with saying anything about anyone, as long as you follow it with "bless their heart" and it is no longer insulting.

So, my husband is a big old dork bless his heart...

I have three cats, these cats are not very patient with our dirty clothes if they have dirty litter boxes. If you leave a dirty shirt on the laundry room floor (this ONLY happens in the basement) they have been known to use the said article of clothing as their own litter box. This is why I have covered hampers.

Well the other day, DH is laying on the bed complaining that one of the cats has peed in our room. Knowing this would be a HUGE issue if they did, I set my already sensitive nose to high and start sniffing around the room. I cannot smell said offensive smell anywhere so I go smell DH's blanket, which is clean, and on a whim decide to smell DH's shirt, which did smell like cat urine. Between fits of laughter DH figured out I was telling him it was his shirt and removed it at lightening speed. He then replies, I kid you not, "no wonder I have been smelling it all day!" I took all my couth to keep from dropping to the floor and rolling around in a fit of hysteria. I can't explain HOW my darling husband was exposed to a toxic shirt, but I theorize it probably was in a basket of folded or to-be folded laundry assigned to my two oldest children and rather than taking care of it promptly they left it in the laundry room and my kitties though "hey, a new litter box! This one smells better than my own" and then the offending article was folded and placed in his drawer to later be worn and offend the wearer's senses.

So my husband is a dork, bless his heart and I am sure you will all agree.

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Dec 19, 2007

We have a baby...

It's a GIRL!!!



She was very shy and wiggly and did NOT like her picture taken, thankfully the ultrasound tech and I saw some girly parts!

She was VERY stubborn about uncrossing her legs and had to be "shaken" in order to move enough to allow a peek. We will get to see her once more in 3 weeks for the 20 week ultrasound, and in a 3D ultrasound, but I am not sure when. Thankfully the tech was super sweet and sent us home with half a dozen pictures and allowed me, hubby, and our three boys to watch on.

We finally agreed on a name, it will be Sophia Elanna (the middle name is the first or last initial of 6 very important women in my life and is pronounced Eh-lah-nuh)


...and my husband really is not helping!

He called this morning to say "what if you can't see the gender, $100 is a lot to spend on a 'what if' and chances are the baby won't cooperate". Thanks dear, this is the first time I have thought that. I keep telling myself that the receptionist said that 90% of the time the tech can see the goodies and tell you what you are having at 20 weeks and reports say that 16 week (I will be 17 on Friday) gender ultrasounds are usually just as good as 20 weeks for telling gender. Medical professionals chose to wait to 20 because the parts they care about, like the heart, stomach, kidneys, etc are easier to see at 20 weeks.

I am trying very hard to stay calm in all this while trying to pass time until 11am when I can go get Austin from school. I am thinking about heading to the library to return books and look for new ones, but it is so cold out there, I hate dragging Matthew out into it before it has a chance to warm up. I also need to go get fish food and clean up around the house, but I just can't get myself going this morning.

I had so many strange dreams last night that it seemed to me I was up half the night, most of the dreams seemed to point out that this baby is a boy, where others were of a girl, so geez I have NO CLUE what this kid could be. When I woke up this morning I was so wide awake I just got up and showered knowing I would not be able to go back to sleep. I wish I could have because now I am feeling sleepy and my moms words keep coming back to me if you go to sleep, the time will pass faster, however I have a two year old who I know will NOT enjoy me taking a nap.

What I would not give right now to have someone come over right now and keep my company while I clean my kitchen, that is what I want most of all, someone to help me pass the time.

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Dec 18, 2007

Long Story Short

I have a new ticker for finding out the gender.

My midwife could not sign the release I need for the elective ultrasound in Denver for legal reasons.

They offer elective gender ultrasounds for $1 more than Denver, with a 160 mile shorter drive and I can go in TOMORROW!

So here is the new ticker:

MySpace Countdown

Dec 17, 2007

I can't wait!!

MySpace Countdown

Dec 13, 2007

Car Rant, part 2

My check engine light just came on... again. It keeps getting better and better!

Dec 11, 2007

Car Rant

I hate my van, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I should have taken it back the moment we got it home and it started leaving oil spots on my driveway, or sold it when the dealership could not fix the leak the first, second, third, fourth, or even FIFTH time I had it in for a visit. The perpetual overheating smell it lovely, even when you drive it two blocks to the store. I have cussed at it all winter long when I go start it at 7:00 to find it still blowing cold air at 7:15 and get home from taking Austin to school at 7:35 JUST for it to start warming up. Today takes the cake though, I get two blocks away to a stop light and it sounds like I have a pain can full of marbles in the paint mixer coming from the dash of my car. It was the most hideous sound ever to where the baby was saying "too loud mommy, too loud!" and Bobby could hear it through the cell phone when I called to bitch. I wish it was paid off, I really do, because I want nothing more just to get rid of it and get something that is not falling apart at my fingertips!

Dec 1, 2007

Freaking crap on a cracker!!

Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part.

'nuff said.

Out of the Mouth of babes:

Yesterday, Matthew got a freaked out look on his face while standing on the top of the steps. He looks at me and says "biper mommy!" I say "diaper?" and he says "nooooo, biper", so I say "Swiper the fox??" and he says YES! So I listen and I hear the cat downstairs scratching in the cat box and start laughing, because on Dora the Explorer, when Swiper the Fox comes to steal from Dora, the music is kind of a scratchy sound.

Wednesday, I am at the Midwife's office with Matthew and they are doing a quick pelvic exam. Matthew keeps trying to see what is going on under the sheet while the nurse and the midwife try to get him up by my head. Matthew asks "doctor hurt mommy's vulva?" and we all start cracking up, little smarty. At the same appointment we are listening to the baby's heartbead, and Matthew start's getting disinterested and comments "Mommy laying on toilet paper?" Again I crack up because the exam table paper does sort of look like a roll of toilet paper. He then decided his own baby was hungry and lifted his shirt to nurse her.