Nov 15, 2007

What a week!

Monday I was supposed to see Sharon, my new midwife, but I kept being rescheduled because Sharon was attending a birth of a mama who was pushing for FOUR hours, wow. So instead I go see her on Monday morning. While in her office I mentioned my Doula conundrum, that I had a horrible experience last time and was undecided who I wanted to chose, if any. Well right away she told me the one I had a bad experience is one she was told by the doctor that is NOT allowed to work with his ladies, so YAY there!! Then she gave me three names of ones she loves, all were on my list and once I have been emailing for a few days and we have almost decided on her, but want to set up some interviews first. She said the one Doula was in attendance at the long delivery on Monday and she had nothing but praise for her.

We got to hear BellyBean's heart beat, which is always a wonderful experience, and I think one of the most beautiful sounds ever. Once I can find BB's heart with my own doppler I will let you know how fast it was going.

On the way back to pick up Matthew from the sitter I checked my voice mail and had one message from my old midwife's office saying I had a bladder infection and needed to pick up a prescription for it. So I got Matthew, went to pick up my friend and we got our Thanksgiving shopping done at Sam's Club, and Safeway, I picked up my prescription and then we picked up her daughter, my son, and then came back here to babysit the two little ones I watch and then I took her home. By the time I got home I was so exhausted I just made a quick dinner of nachos and took the Microbid with my dinner since the pharmacist said it can cause stomach problems. Five hours later I woke up feeling horrible and ran to the bathroom and threw up my dinner and the pill and went back to bed still feeling gross, but better. Did the same every hour for the next two hours. By 4 it increased to every 30 minutes until around 3:30 PM when it started decreasing back to hourly. I called the pharmacist and he said it was most likely the medication causing it, not an illness, though I had an unusually hard reaction. I called my new midwife, who gave me the option of Phenergan for the vomiting, or the ER for IV fluid replacement. I chose option 1 and she called in the script. Around 7 the nausea subsided and I could drink and eat crackers and at 9 I went to sleep.

Today I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck, every muscle in my chest and stomach ache from all the puking, and I lost 8 lbs between Tuesday and today. I imagine I will lose even more today since I still have no appetite and have not been able to eat more than some grapes and some Gatorade.

Unfortunately my kids and husband were not kind on my house yesterday and I am lacking energy to clean it, so I think it will look worse before it looks better, but I am just thankful to be out of bed.

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