Nov 24, 2007

The big move

My two older kids are getting older, and becoming more responsible. With responsibility comes privilege, one of the privileges they have earned is to move farther from mommy and daddy and into their own space. We have a 4 bedroom home, upstairs is a master, and two tiny guest rooms, currently Austin and Christopher's room, and the nursery (Matthew's room), and downstairs we have a large room being used as an office. Since we rely more heavily on our laptops for daily use, we no longer need a large office because we only use one of the three desktops. When the baby comes we plan on putting him or her into the office until she/he is old enough to share a room with Matthew, but with the office downstairs that poses a problem. The solution was obvious, it is time for my little birds to leave the nest of the upstairs and fly down to the second largest bedroom in the house so that they may spread their wings.

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WildKid said...

Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
Good luck and successes in blogging!