Nov 22, 2007

Customer Service Raves and Craves

Customer service in the US has changed, a lot. With outsourcing and the standard of quality being lowered, the bar has dropped. Some companies fail to meet the minimum standards and leave you angry and more frustrated, where some companies continue to maintain excellent service and you hang up feeling happy and satisfied. In both occasions I often wish I had someone to share these experiences with, so they can either be warned, or share in your delight in a quality service. Finally there is an outlet that will meet a wider option than just the blogosphere, because now there is MeasuredUp.

If you were to search in the archives of this blog, you will see a rant about my satellite tv provider, because that the time I did not know websites like MeasuredUp. existed. If I had, I feel like my post may have made more of a difference. Maybe if enough people share their negative and positive experiences on MeasuredUp., it will inspire a change in all the companies who leave a lot to be desired, or encourage companies with many positive reviews to keep up the good work.

Check it out, write your own reviews, and read about the companies you use before you have to call so you know what to expect. There is nothing worse than having high expectations of a company and then being let down by a nightmare experience. Hopefully, you will have a fantastic experience and you will want to shout it from the rooftops, but whatever the case may be, share you experience and inspire some change.

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