Nov 30, 2007

Week 14 update

...Or lack thereof.

I am still sick, tired, have sore breasts, feeling quickening.

New symptom is the sharp stabbing ligament pains.

Who said the 2nd trimester is the best part of pregnancy?? I still feel like I am in the first.

This is me not complaining though, I would much rather be sick and pregnant, than normal and not. :)

1 year adoptiversary?

It was 1 year ago today that I legally adopted my sweet little boy Austin. I cannot imagine a happier occasion than making my love for my oldest son official. I joke that at 7 years in the making, he was by far my longest labor, and the most relieving 'birth-day'.

Nov 24, 2007

The big move

My two older kids are getting older, and becoming more responsible. With responsibility comes privilege, one of the privileges they have earned is to move farther from mommy and daddy and into their own space. We have a 4 bedroom home, upstairs is a master, and two tiny guest rooms, currently Austin and Christopher's room, and the nursery (Matthew's room), and downstairs we have a large room being used as an office. Since we rely more heavily on our laptops for daily use, we no longer need a large office because we only use one of the three desktops. When the baby comes we plan on putting him or her into the office until she/he is old enough to share a room with Matthew, but with the office downstairs that poses a problem. The solution was obvious, it is time for my little birds to leave the nest of the upstairs and fly down to the second largest bedroom in the house so that they may spread their wings.

Nov 22, 2007

Customer Service Raves and Craves

Customer service in the US has changed, a lot. With outsourcing and the standard of quality being lowered, the bar has dropped. Some companies fail to meet the minimum standards and leave you angry and more frustrated, where some companies continue to maintain excellent service and you hang up feeling happy and satisfied. In both occasions I often wish I had someone to share these experiences with, so they can either be warned, or share in your delight in a quality service. Finally there is an outlet that will meet a wider option than just the blogosphere, because now there is MeasuredUp.

If you were to search in the archives of this blog, you will see a rant about my satellite tv provider, because that the time I did not know websites like MeasuredUp. existed. If I had, I feel like my post may have made more of a difference. Maybe if enough people share their negative and positive experiences on MeasuredUp., it will inspire a change in all the companies who leave a lot to be desired, or encourage companies with many positive reviews to keep up the good work.

Check it out, write your own reviews, and read about the companies you use before you have to call so you know what to expect. There is nothing worse than having high expectations of a company and then being let down by a nightmare experience. Hopefully, you will have a fantastic experience and you will want to shout it from the rooftops, but whatever the case may be, share you experience and inspire some change.

*This is a sponsored post.

Nov 19, 2007

8 years ago today...

Bobby stood up in a court of law and listened as Austin's birth-mom asked that her custody be permanently severed and full physical and legal custody be given to Bobby. I totally cannot believe it's already been 8 years!!

Nov 16, 2007

To the two assholes on A. Blvd (Language Warning - Obviously)

Seriously people... it is Friday, you don't have to act like fools because the weekend is here. How many jerks can I encounter in a 10 minute drive??

To the man in the Suburban: If you plan on disregarding the STOP sign and pulling out in front of me, can you at LEAST have the decency to go the speed limit?? Going 15 under is going to do nothing but piss off the drivers you illegally pulled in front of. I understand that reading a stop sign may be too difficult, but if the speed limit sign says 35, could you please at least match up the number on your odometer that looks the same? I get that you are driving a beater, and it may not go that fast, but WHY on earth were you heading to a road with a 50 MPH speed limit?? You can't even make it up to 35! However after meeting asshole #2, I guess you are just a mini-hole.

To the MAIN asshole in the green SUV: Your kids go to the same school as mine, which means I see you 2x a day. WHY do you have to act like the world's biggest (or maybe I should say littlest?) prick? Let me educate you on something... the little yellow lane in the middle of the road is called a turn lane, to allow you to turn onto residential streets. It was NEVER intended to be a passing lane. If a truck stalls and takes up the right lane, and also takes up the middle lane, it is STILL first come first serve on who gets to go first. Since I was there first, that would be ME, not you. You do NOT have the right to zip around me just because the stick up your ass is pinching you and causing you physical pain. A nice head on collision might be a nice refresher on how to drive, but no one deserves to be injured at the hands of your road rage. The 30 seconds you saved by speeding past me is NOT WORTH THE LIVES OF YOU CHILDREN!! And VERY not worth the lives of my own children. Had I been an inpatient prick like you, you would have slammed into the back of my car and I would have sued you for everything you own, including the shirt on your back. Take a pill and calm the fuck down buddy, we ALL have to share the road.

To the police department: Sorry you are so understaffed, overworked, and underpaid, we could have really used the revenue from these assholes to balance the city budget.

It just gets better and better

Thanks to the "wonder drug" making me so sick, I have yet to have a full night's sleep. The first night I was puking, the second night I kept waking from crazy dreams (the kind you get when you are sick), and last night I was in so much pain that not even the hot bath could relax me enough to get more than a couple hours of sleep. Everything from my waist up (to include wrists and thumbs) hurt so bad that breathing is almost unbearable. Even sleeping upright did not help.

My only solace is that DH is taking our oldest to school, so I don't have to get out of my pajamas. I need whatever comfort I can get so not dragging out the two year old, scraping frost off my windshield to drive him to school is the best thing I could have asked for.

Don't get me started on the middle son though.... the boy is on my last nerve. I have been wondering how it takes my oldest two boys to get ready to school when the oldest has 1 1/2 - 2 hours to get ready for school, and the middle child has 2 hours to get ready. Yes, they have chores in the morning (make sure the dishwasher is loaded, should have been done after dinner so that is a cinch, get the clothes out of the dryer and start a new load in the wash, pick up your messes, and get yourself showered, dressed, eat breakfast, brush your hair & teeth). NOTHING that should take more than an hour. Apparently my middle son thinks it should take 45 minutes to be dressed up to his underwear. When I finally gave up trying to sleep, and got up because I was sick of hearing him yell through the house, I got up to find he had showered for 15 minutes (no biggie) and then done nothing but stand around in nothing more than his underwear for the next 30 minutes. I am not sure how I can get that boy motivated without breathing down his neck for 2 hours each morning, which just is not feasible with my lack of sleep lately.

On a better and brighter note, I am 12 weeks today! The baby is starting to look more human, and I am *supposed* to start feeling more human soon, but I will just watch and wait to see if my morning sickness gets the hint that it is time to hit the road. I am going to go out on a limb here and say either I am carrying a girl (since I have 2x as much morning sickness than I did my other two pregnancies combined) OR this is another baby boy trying to guarantee he is last baby we have (which was always the plan anyways). Either way, I will be happy, as I truly just want a healthy baby. Don't tell Matthew this, as he insists this is his "baby sister", he gets angry anytime I even suggest it could be a baby brother.

Please someone tell my 2 year old that mama REALLY needs him to take a nap today, so she can try to nap herself. This nap strike he is on is about to drive me batty!

Nov 15, 2007

What a week!

Monday I was supposed to see Sharon, my new midwife, but I kept being rescheduled because Sharon was attending a birth of a mama who was pushing for FOUR hours, wow. So instead I go see her on Monday morning. While in her office I mentioned my Doula conundrum, that I had a horrible experience last time and was undecided who I wanted to chose, if any. Well right away she told me the one I had a bad experience is one she was told by the doctor that is NOT allowed to work with his ladies, so YAY there!! Then she gave me three names of ones she loves, all were on my list and once I have been emailing for a few days and we have almost decided on her, but want to set up some interviews first. She said the one Doula was in attendance at the long delivery on Monday and she had nothing but praise for her.

We got to hear BellyBean's heart beat, which is always a wonderful experience, and I think one of the most beautiful sounds ever. Once I can find BB's heart with my own doppler I will let you know how fast it was going.

On the way back to pick up Matthew from the sitter I checked my voice mail and had one message from my old midwife's office saying I had a bladder infection and needed to pick up a prescription for it. So I got Matthew, went to pick up my friend and we got our Thanksgiving shopping done at Sam's Club, and Safeway, I picked up my prescription and then we picked up her daughter, my son, and then came back here to babysit the two little ones I watch and then I took her home. By the time I got home I was so exhausted I just made a quick dinner of nachos and took the Microbid with my dinner since the pharmacist said it can cause stomach problems. Five hours later I woke up feeling horrible and ran to the bathroom and threw up my dinner and the pill and went back to bed still feeling gross, but better. Did the same every hour for the next two hours. By 4 it increased to every 30 minutes until around 3:30 PM when it started decreasing back to hourly. I called the pharmacist and he said it was most likely the medication causing it, not an illness, though I had an unusually hard reaction. I called my new midwife, who gave me the option of Phenergan for the vomiting, or the ER for IV fluid replacement. I chose option 1 and she called in the script. Around 7 the nausea subsided and I could drink and eat crackers and at 9 I went to sleep.

Today I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck, every muscle in my chest and stomach ache from all the puking, and I lost 8 lbs between Tuesday and today. I imagine I will lose even more today since I still have no appetite and have not been able to eat more than some grapes and some Gatorade.

Unfortunately my kids and husband were not kind on my house yesterday and I am lacking energy to clean it, so I think it will look worse before it looks better, but I am just thankful to be out of bed.

Nov 13, 2007

Thought this was funny

Found today on Pregnancy Daily.

"If you've suffered from morning sickness, you should finally start to feel better this week or next. And you may be one of the lucky moms who forget about this part of pregnancy, or at least don't remember it clearly. This forgetfulness is vital if humans are to survive — we need to forget the uncomfortable parts so we'll do it all over again!"

Ha! Who are THEY fooling??

Nov 5, 2007

I guess I am just a snob

While in the grocery store on Saturday, we ran into Austin's little friend in 5th grade, whom I did not particularly care for (he was in trouble a lot at school). The mom asked what school Austin was going to and I replied [Name Withheld] Charter School, and she said "Oh, my son goes to [Name Withheld] Middle School. I figure, sure it has a lot of fights and drug problems, but what school doesn't?"

My jaw dropped. As a parent, is that really the selling point you want to describe your 6th graders education?? I cannot begin to say enough about Austin's school, how wonderful the teachers, administrators and support staff are.

Middle School Rating
Here is the rating that Great Schools gave the Middle School her son was in. This is the default school in the district for my neighborhood.

Charter School Rating
This is the school Austin goes to, the ONLY thing we did different is to enroll him at the end of 5th grade for the 6th grade year.

Middle School CSAP
Here are the standardized test scores for the Middle School.

Charter School CSAP
Here are the test scores for Austin's Charter School. They are a new school, so they only recently have started standardized testing.

Obviously there is more of a problem than just the occasional fight the mom mentioned. I don't understand defending a school with such a poor rating, low test scores, and obviously a hostile environment. The Charter School does not have the bullying problem other schools have because the children are ALWAYS supervised. The curriculum is more strict, and children spend less time in the halls getting from class to class than they do at the Middle School.

Which one would you chose? The middle school with drug, violence and education problems? Or the charter school with strict rules, higher standards and excellent test scores? Both are free. Can you believe these schools are only 0.3 miles apart?

Sick, Sad, and Whiny, OH MY!

With the time change, a cold and being in a bad mood this morning, Matthew and I already are butting heads. He is congested and coughing so I would not let him have a glass of milk with his bowl of cereal with milk and that turned into a 15 minute sob-fest of "Matthew SAD! No water mommy, Matthew MILK." I do not deal well with his whiny days.

I have to leave NOW to get Austin to school, but no one is ready, then I have a 45 minute prenatal appointment today Mr. Whiny Pants is going to have to accompany on. I want to cancel it, but she should have answers of my test results this morning and I really want to get a treatment plan going NOW.

Once we get back home from taking Austin to school, I think I am going to toss Matthew in a hot shower to steam his sinuses clear and then a nice snuggle in bed before we go, maybe that will put him in a happier mood.

Nov 4, 2007

All About Sleep

Hope you can stay awake through this post about sleep, I know I am in "nod off mode" but lately I seem to feel that way often.

Matthew got his big boy bed yesterday!! I found a really nice wood mission style bed last month a Babies R Us and it was $10 off, so I went for it. It had been sitting in it's box behind my front room couch for weeks just waiting for the right time. This came a few days ago when his new firefighter sheets came in the mail that I ordered on eBay, but I did not have time to put the bed together, disassemble the crib, wash the bedding, and give him the big boy talk until yesterday.

Last night was the first run and he did really good. It probably helped it was almost 3 hours past his bedtime because we were out late at a friend's house, but he immediately went to sleep. He woke up around 9 and started crying, but I think that was more of a "hey, where am I?" type moment more than anything.

I finally got a taste of the sleepies... night before last I was ready for bed at 6:30 pm, but was able to hold off until 9:00 pm where I promptly fell asleep waking just a few times and not getting out of bed until 9:00 am. Last night I was getting tired at 10:30 pm, but it did not work out that I could go to sleep early, but it is unusual for me to get tired in the evenings, I am normally wide awake until midnight and needing a nap by 9 am. I rarely napped pre-pregnancy, so I know that is all pg related, but the evening sleepiness is very new. I also seem to have my fair share of pregnancy insomnia at 4 am, so it is understandable why I am so sleepy after I get Austin off to school at 7:20 am.

Nov 1, 2007

Baby pool

Not the kind you swim in, but a baby pool so we can keep track of your guesses for gender, birthday, size, etc. Click the banner & take a guess!